Our Mission




We, Brett Langstaff and Greg Loonie, are two culinary trained chefs and dedicated practitioners of healthful mind and body lifestyles.  We have launched a new line of grass-fed bone broths, charcuterie and breads utilizing only highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers who share in our commitment to growing consistently healthy, chemical and additive free produce.   We recognize that truly healthy eating begins with a full, unadulterated pedigree of pesticide-free, natural ingredients and ensure that all HWF’s products meet the highest levels of scrutiny.

Central to HWF’s mission is our commitment to form a philosophical partnership with local produce and livestock farmers who share our quest to provide only wholesome, hearty and healthy ingredients for our clientele.  Therefore, all the farmers that we rely upon are conscientious and thorough in establishing clean, healthy, antibiotic-free, grass fed diets for all livestock and GMO and chemical free crops of fruits and grains.   Our dedicated clientele can rely wholeheartedly on our promise of grass-to-table accountability and rest assured that HWF’s products are nutritious for both the body and soul.