We at HWF strive to provide the best possible meats, produce, and grains that Colorado can provide.  Grass-fed and finished animals are the only ones we work with because they come free of antibiotics and vaccines.  We want to show how meat, vegetables and grains can truly be, minus the manipulation by massive companies and factories.  We bring what’s in  the back yard of Colorado to your plate.

Bone Broth:

Bones from grass-fed and finished animals have a number of different benefits for the body.   They store everything the animal ingests throughout its life, so if the animal takes in pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and carcinogens, the bones hold them as well, thus leaching in the broth that is made from them.  We choose only the best farms and animals, so you the consumer, know you are getting truly healthy broth.


* Cartilage- aids with degenerative joint disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and stimulates immune cells

* Collagen, Gelatin, and Amino Acids- help with the regeneration of damaged cells, cartilage, muscles, aids in the repair of leaky gut syndrome, and promotes growth of nails, skin and hair

* Hyaluronic Acid, chondroitin sulfate and minerals- helps with joint lubrication, controlling cholesterol, lowering risk of heart attacks, increase bone health and nerves, and preventing colon cancer and kidney stones. 

Overall, Grass-fed meats and bones provide a higher percentage of multiple vitamins, including A and E, beta- carotene, and Omega-3 fats than mass, grain fed animals.  Not only being free of antibiotics and hormones, the animals that only live off the land are good for you.




            Reduces pain and inflammation, aids in cholesterol, anti-coagulant, and anti-depressant


            Aids cognitive function and weight management, betters digestion, balances hormones, helps fight bacterial infections and viruses.

Reishi Mushroom

            Strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, helps protect and regenerate the liver, improves circulation, and is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fights fatigue. 

Chaga Mushroom

            Supports the immune system, fights ulcers and gastritis, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol, is an antimicrobial, and helps fight cancer.


         Helps reduce risk of cancers, including breast, prostate, lung and colon, combats viral infection, prevents aging, protection from radiation, helps preserve beautiful skin. Miso is also very alkalizing and strengthening to the immune system, helps maintain nutritional balance, beneficial bacteria and enzymes, miso provides: protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K, tryptophan, choline, dietary fiber, linoleic acid and lecithin.


            Provides, nausea relief, supports the digestive system, heals ulcers, boosts immunity, improves diabetes, reduces pain, fights cancer, is an anti-fungal, helps with weight loss, and is also an anti-inflammatory