We at HWF treasure the old world time honored traditions and cooking techniques that have often been discarded in the culinary world and replaced with mass production, speed oriented methods designed to promote quantity over quality. 

our methodology includes slow simmering bones for hours, curing meats for days, weeks even months and utilizing only the most robust natural grains, fibers, herbs and spices. HWF meticulously ensures that you receive the most nutritiously dense, perfectly seasoned and uniquely flavorful items.  

The methodical roasting of grass fed animals packs our broths with nutritious value and unparalleled taste. This unique combination of old-world techniques and nutrient packed ingredients sets our bone broths apart from all others.



We here at HWF, Brett Langstaff and Greg Loonie, are two culinary trained chefs and dedicated practitioners of healthful mind and body lifestyles.  We have launched a new line of grass-fed bone broths, charcuterie and breads utilizing only highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers who share in our commitment to growing consistently healthy, chemical and additive free produce.   We recognize that truly healthy eating begins with a full, unadulterated pedigree of pesticide-free, natural ingredients and ensure that all HWF’s products meet the highest levels of scrutiny.

Central to HWF’s mission is our commitment to form a philosophical partnership with local produce and livestock farmers who share our quest to provide only wholesome, hearty and healthy ingredients for our clientele.  Therefore, all the farmers that we rely upon are conscientious and thorough in establishing clean, healthy, antibiotic-free, grass fed diets for all livestock and GMO and chemical free crops of fruits and grains.   Our dedicated clientele can rely wholeheartedly on our promise of farm-to-table accountability and rest assured that HWF’s products are nutritious for both the body and soul. 



Flying B Bar Ranch:

Flying B Bar Ranch is one of only a few Certified Grass-fed Producers in the State of Colorado. They produce healthy, humane and sustainable Grass-fed Beef using sustainable practices along the lush grasses of the Kiowa Creek just 30 miles east of Denver.  Locally owned and family operated by the Buchanan Family, Flying B Bar Ranch has been raising grass-fed cattle using innovative holistic management including mob grazing, intensive grazing and the highest level of humane treatment.   Flying B Bar Ranch Grass-fed Beef is better for the planet, better for the cattle and better for you. 

To learn more go to www.flyingbbbar.com


Rafter W Ranch:

Rafter is a small family Ranch located in Simla, Colorado and serving Eastern Colorado.  They currently holistically raise pastured Angus beef steers on what nature provides during spring, summer and fall, and grass hay out on pasture during winter. No vaccinations, no antibiotics, no hormones, no grain. 

Their goal is to rebuild the soil by Mob-grazing methods to sequester carbon back into the earth. They use low-stress handling techniques to ensure tender meat. In order to produce this quality, they move the animals during the growing season 2 times per day to fresh new grass.

They also offer pastured eggs, when available, from the chickens that run behind the cattle.

Rafter has available, on-farm harvesting and are members of the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) and AGA (American Grass-fed Association ).

To learn more contact Lisa at: lisa@rwrsimla.com or 303-243-0089 or visit their website at: http://rafterwranch.net

Sunrise Prairie:

Tom and Keith Parks are a Father and son duo that head the Sun Prairie Farm.  Back in 2003, motivated by articles and the tasting of Grass-fed meat in Wyoming, they changed their farm to a 100% Grass-fed Ranch. They believe everyone should have access to “healthy, humanely-raised food”, and do so by treating their cattle with dignity, providing a free roaming, antibiotic, hormone, and stress-free environment.

To learn more go to: www.sunprairiebeef.com

Boulder Natural Meats:

Boulder Natural Meats is a poultry processor company in business since 1985. Customer focused and driven, BNM offers a Colorado Raised Antibiotic Free Poultry Program.

They are a small, family-operated company and work side-by-side with a great team of folks.

They offer chickens that are raised in Colorado in an open environment, fed 100% vegetarian feed, contain no antibiotics or growth hormones, air chilled, Global Animal Partnership certified, and all processed by hand.



Health Benefits Grass-Fed


We at HWF strive to provide the best possible meats, produce, and grains that Colorado can provide.  Grass-fed and finished animals are the only ones we work with because they come free of antibiotics and vaccines.  We want to show how meat, vegetables and grains can truly be, minus the manipulation by massive companies and factories.  We bring what’s in  the back yard of Colorado to your plate.


Bone Broth:

Bones from grass-fed and finished animals have a number of different benefits for the body.   They store everything the animal ingests throughout its life, so if the animal takes in pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and carcinogens, the bones hold them as well, thus leaching in the broth that is made from them.  We choose only the best farms and animals, so you the consumer, know you are getting truly healthy broth.


* Cartilage- aids with degenerative joint disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and stimulates immune cells

* Collagen, Gelatin, and Amino Acids- help with the regeneration of damaged cells, cartilage, muscles, aids in the repair of leaky gut syndrome, and promotes growth of nails, skin and hair

* Hyaluronic Acid, chondroitin sulfate and minerals- helps with joint lubrication, controlling cholesterol, lowering risk of heart attacks, increase bone health and nerves, and preventing colon cancer and kidney stones. 


Overall, Grass-fed meats and bones provide a higher percentage of multiple vitamins, including A and E, beta- carotene, and Omega-3 fats than mass, grain fed animals.  Not only being free of antibiotics and hormones, the animals that only live off the land are good for you.


Benefits of Add-ons:


            Reduces pain and inflammation, aids in cholesterol, anti-coagulant, and anti-depressant



            Aids cognitive function and weight management, betters digestion, balances hormones, helps fight bacterial infections and viruses.


Reishi Mushroom

            Strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, helps protect and regenerate the liver, improves circulation, and is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fights fatigue. 


Chaga Mushroom

            Supports the immune system, fights ulcers and gastritis, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol, is an antimicrobial, and helps fight cancer.



         Helps reduce risk of cancers, including breast, prostate, lung and colon, combats viral infection, prevents aging, protection from radiation, helps preserve beautiful skin. Miso is also very alkalizing and strengthening to the immune system, helps maintain nutritional balance, beneficial bacteria and enzymes, miso provides: protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K, tryptophan, choline, dietary fiber, linoleic acid and lecithin.



            Provides, nausea relief, supports the digestive system, heals ulcers, boosts immunity, improves diabetes, reduces pain, fights cancer, is an anti-fungal, helps with weight loss, and is also an anti-inflammatory




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